General Information

University Name

Ajman University




University Street, Jurf 1 Ajman, UAE

Contact Person

Hanine Bou Antoun

Director of International Academic Affairs



Tel: +97167056681

Academic Calendar


2021/2022 to be posted soon.

Semester Dates

Fall 2021: From August to December

Spring 2022: From January to May

Exact dates will be announced in the 2021/2022 calendar

Language of Instruction

English is required for all colleges except:

College of Mass Communication, College of law and College of Humanities and Sciences who only teach in Arabic

Credit system

Semester Credit Hours





Fall 2020

Spring 2021

·   Nomination

March (Exact dates will be announced in the second call for nomination)


·   Application

April (Exact dates will be announced in the second call for nomination)


Documents required

1. Passport copy.

2. High School Certificate Copy.

3. University Transcript

4. Learning agreement

5. Photograph 6*4 ( 2 Copies ).

How to obtain application materials

Click here

Or contact us at international@ajman.ac.ae

Suggested length of Study for Exchange

One semester or one academic year

Minimum GPA Requirement

(4.0 scale)

The home institution will select students eligible for the exchange program based on their GPA.

The procedure of applying for a student visa

AU PR Office assists students in procuring a visa. Following documents are required for the visa application:

  • Clear passport copy (should be valid for more than 6 months)
  • One photo for the student with a white background

The Student VISA is valid for 60 days. More on residency can be found in the ‘Additional Information’ section below.



Off-campus housing

Students may browse through accommodation options for affordable rent via www.bayut.com or www.airbnb.com

Luxurious hotel options with scenic views and beach access:

A discounted price can also be arranged for our students at the following hotels:


We provide on-Campus Dormitory accommodation subject to availability.

Residency services:

  • Providing fully-furnished rooms with electronic appliances
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Shuttle buses between the accommodation and the university
  • Security regulations
  • Groups trips for shopping and activities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gym
  • Free water and electricity within the rooms

 Room type 

Single Studio

Twin Room

Twin Studio

Triple Room

Female Students residence:

Fees per semester/AED 12,600 7,000 6,500 5,500

Male Students residence:

Fees per semester/AED

8,950 4,950 4,200 3,800

*Due to health and safety measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, only single-bed rooms are available for booking at AU dorms as is listed below. If social distancing precautions persist until the spring semester, these measures will continue.

Single-bed Rooms

Fees for Regular Semester/AED

Fees for Summer Semester/AED

Female Students residence:

Fees per semester/AED



Male Students residence:

Fees per semester/AED




Expenses & Budgeting


Average 1500 AED per month


Shuttle buses from the dorms are free of charge.

Students living off-campus can use AU transportation for 2500 AED per semester.

AU provides pick-up (and drop-off services) to DXB Airport for 120AED.

Visa cost / Emirate ID / Residency

992 AED


Details are mentioned above.


Additional Information

Student services

Student life office:

Ajman university provides countless activities, trips and clubs ensuring our students are able to enjoy their student to the utmost. Sports are taken seriously, and students are encouraged to participate in sporting events and competitions.


Student Success centre:

Our students are our priority. The Student Success Centre was established to help students in need of assistance or facing difficulties for any reason. The centre is designed for early detection of academic and other challenges faced by some students and providing support to overcome those challenges.


Student counselling unit :

The Student Counselling Unit is a service provided for students in order to provide emotional support in times of need. We aim to care for the student's well-being in difficult times, to allow them to flourish and meet their full potential.


Transportation Unit :

Our Transportation Unit provides transport service at subsidized rates to all AU students.


All Ajman University students have free access to the following facilities and services: Library, Gym, Swimming pool.

Health insurance

International students must arrange for an International Health Insurance plan for themselves prior to joining AU.

UAE ID & Residency

A UAE residency and ID is required to remain in the country for the full duration of the study abroad period. The procedure will include:

  • Providing the PR office with the original passport, 2 photographs, and the payment for the procedure
  • Performing a medical test in accordance with instructions provided by the office
  • Performing a fingerprint scan on a separate day
  • Retrieving the documents from the PR office

The office may arrange for transportation and/or free 10-days stay at the dorms for the duration of the procedure in accordance with the availability.

Peer Leaders

AU facilitates international students to assimilate in campus life quickly by appointing Peer Leaders to assist them. Peer Leaders are local students who are familiar with the region and are able to help international students with their queries about various aspects of living here.


There are a number of restaurants and cafes within the university providing various food options at a low cost (15-20 AED). In addition, there are many restaurants along the perimeter of the university catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Local trips around the UAE

The Office of International Academic Affairs arranges local trips for students at a pre-specified price.

Mobile SIM Card

Upon arrival at the airport, the student can pick up a free SIM card from ‘Du’ at the airport and explore the various bundles.

Useful applications

Ajman University​ - Connect, share, timetable & more

Visit Ajman​ - Guide to explore Ajman

BOTIM​ - Guide to exploring Ajman

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

Masaar - Ajman transportation

Talabat - Food & Grocery Delivery

Zomato​ - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery


For more information on experiences at AU, click here.