About OIAA

OIAA’s Mission:

The Office of International Academic Affairs (OIAA) was established to assist Ajman University (AU) in broadening and deepening its international academic character, and becoming part of the emerging global knowledge and learning network.

We collaborate with our partner universities all over the world to create and promote exchange programs for students and faculty members. In addition, OIAA organizes inbound and outbound study tours, as well as seminars and scholarly lectures at AU by international experts.

With more than 70 nationalities on campus, diversity is rooted within AU's values, and the OIAA aspires to add new outstanding meanings to the term.


OIAA’s Vision:

The OIAA aims to support AU in becoming internationally recognized as one of the leading universities in developing well-rounded students and faculty members who are globally-minded, innovative and equipped with diverse experiences. Our vision is to be an entity that adds meaningful value to international academic endeavours and facilitates global career opportunities.