Partners & Faculty

Welcome, Partners & Colleagues,

At Ajman University (AU), we aim to build and strengthen partnerships with reputable institutions around the globe to enrich the academic experiences at both ends. Through collaborations with international institutions, we develop and achieve AU's strategic goals:

  • Ensuring excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Enhancing the quality, relevance, and impact of research and intellectual contribution
  • Recruiting, supporting and fostering the development of a bright and diverse student body
  • Enhancing the visibility and the positioning of the University
  • Building impactful and long-lasting ties with the external communities
  • Promoting cutting-edge and innovative support services

Learn more about AU's story, mission, goals and structure here.

AU is proud to be in partnership with a wide variety of exemplary international academic institutions around the world

All international agreements need to be initiated by the Office of International Academic Affairs (OIAA) or an AU faculty member. If AU does not have an existing official partnership with your institution and you are interested in proposing a partnership, please contact us at to initiate discussions on possible collaborations. Following the discussions and outlining of potential activities, the process toward a formal agreement can be initiated.

AU is always delighted to welcome partners & colleagues from international institutions to discuss collaboration opportunities. To schedule a visit for your delegation, please fill out the AU Campus Visit Form.


  • Kindly note that visit requests are required to be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the visit.
  • A negative PCR test result that is issued from the UAE is required for entry to the campus. The result must not date older than 96 hours. A vaccination certificate doesn't serve as an alternative.

  • The result must be shared with us by email at prior to the visit.

  • Please take the above into consideration when reserving PCR testing appointments (regular/express) and when choosing the day of the visit (must be a day after arrival to the UAE/after the PCR result is out).

The Faculty Exchange Program is part of AU's ongoing drive to expand its network with international partners by supporting the development of collaborative research. The purpose of the program is to:

  • Broaden and deepen AU's international reputation as being an active academic organization that seeks the continuous quality development of both its faculty members and students.
  • Be of assistance to AU faculty members in gaining experience in different academic environments, thus providing benefit to both the University and the faculty members through the Outbound Exchange Program.
  • Host experts into the University's departments for a semester or two and that will inherently benefit these departments in terms of research, teaching, and supervision of graduates through the Inbound Exchange Program.

Inbound Faculty Exchange

Outbound Faculty Exchange

The Deanship of Research & Graduate Studies (DRGS) offers various research opportunities and support to scholars at AU and abroad. For more information, click here.