Why AU & UAE?

Why UAE?

Priding itself in being an international hub for experts, tourist and businesses, UAE is the land of glory were golden dunes meet the city. UAE is the destination to visit the past and the future, the luxurious and the exhilarating, and meet individuals from every ethnicity along the way. The Arabic culture influences the UAE’s lifestyle, cuisine, attire, architecture and music prominently. However, in most regions, you’ll find a beautiful mix of Arab and western styles and experiences that attract people from all over the world. UAE is considered one of the world's most popular adventure and luxury destinations.

Cities in UAE have earned a spot on the world’s top 10 safest cities in the world, as well as the 60th best destination for students. In addition, UAE is one of the best start-up cities and an international business hub where experts and talents come from all over the world in an exchange of knowledge, culture and skills.

Some of the world’s most fascinating pieces of architecture can be found all around UAE such as Khalifa Tower, Shiekh Zayed’s Mosque, green cities and instalments, as well as Zaha Hadid’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge.


Why AU?

Our motto is “Make it Happen” and we deliver on that message every day!‚Äč

"Ajman University is on the global map of higher education because we practice our core values and we value our mission. We have built a name that is recognized around the world for our commitment to innovation, diversity, inclusion, social responsibility, and excellence."

–Karim Seghir, Ph.D., Chancellor of Ajman University


Making World University Rankings Happen 

Local Accreditations

Ajman University (AU) is licensed to operate as a higher education institution and all its programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates.

International Accreditations, Rankings and Ratings

AU is globally accredited at the institution-level by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the United Kingdom. In addition, many of AU’s programs are accredited by international accreditation bodies. The list includes AACSB, ACPE, UIA, ABET, ACCA, CPA, CIMA, HCERES, AQAS, and more. AU is globally ranked by QS World University Rankings and rated by QS Stars University Ratings. Details of International accreditations, Rankings and ratings can be found here.

Making Innovation Happen

Ajman University is a destination for innovation – in the classroom and for the community. In addition to conferring valuable degrees that lead to meaningful careers, we believe our role is to foster every student’s innate sense of curiosity and to inspire lifelong learning.



Making Social Responsibility Happen

At AU, lessons from the classroom are put to work in – and for – the community. Nearly 40% of our students participate in service programs with vulnerable populations in the UAE and abroad. What sets us apart from other institutions is our unique culture of innovation and compassion. We want to make a difference with our hearts as well as our minds.



Making Happiness Happen 

AU’s brand new Student Hub offers one-stop shopping for all academic, co-curricular, socialization, and mealtime needs. Our Sports Complex is fully equipped to help students stay healthy and happy. Our dorms offer secure, high-tech, and attractive accommodations with unique spaces for studying and socializing.



Making Engagement Happen

The Office of Student Life complements the academic experience through a wide range of co-curricular activities, programs and services. At last count, AU had 100 clubs! And every year “Global Day” provides the biggest show on campus.