Ajman University Leads the Way for Startups through its 2021 Demo Day Exhibition

Monday, Feb 22, 2021
Ajman University Leads the Way for Startups through its 2021 Demo Day Exhibition

As part of its strategic vision to foster a culture of innovation and develop a generation of entrepreneurs, industrialists, and innovators, Ajman University Innovation Center (AUIC) organized the 2021 Demo Day on February 18, 2021 under the theme of "UNTACT: AU Leads the Way for Startups during Pandemic". The exhibition which coincides with the UAE Innovation Month was held online due to the precautionary safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor; Dr. Chuloh Jung, AUIC Director, and Mr. Fathy Afana, CEO of Fast Building Contracting and member of the AUIC Board attended the exhibition.

The 2021 Demo Day showcased innovative and creative projects designed by AU students as well as projects incubated at the Center. Moreover, it brought together innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors from public and private institutions to discuss the latest trends in research, innovation, technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

The virtual event was characterized by a 3D hall that enabled the participants to explore 18 startup booths as well as 6 public and private sectors booths which featured online chat, videos, banners and other insightful communications.

“This exhibition demonstrates that innovation is an integrated and coherent part of AU values and practices, and contributes to the UAE vision to become one of the most innovative countries in the world. AU sought to organize this event despite the exceptional circumstances and let participants experience innovation in some of its highest forms”, said Dr. Seghir.

Dr. Jung emphasized the efforts of the AUIC in creating innovative projects throughout the years, keeping pace with the latest technologies and adopting AI and robotics. “Our journey in innovation is a never ending one. Every milestone we reach provides the motivation to reach another one. For instance, we have completed 5 incubation cycles and launched 96 startups”.