An Experience Full of Professional and Personal Growth, says UKM Faculty About Ajman University’s Faculty Exchange Program

Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023
An Experience Full of Professional and Personal Growth, says UKM Faculty About Ajman University’s Faculty Exchange Program

Dr. Rosilah Hassan, Associate Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), recently participated in Ajman University’s (AU) Inbound Faculty Exchange Program and was highly appreciative of her experience at AU describing it as ‘full of professional and personal growth.’

Dr. Rosilah holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Hanyang University, an M.E.E in Computer and Communication from UKM, and a PhD in Mobile Communication from the University of Strathclyde. With expertise in wireless communications systems, networking, IoT, and Big Data, she has held various management roles at UKM and served as an external examiner for master’s and PhD programs. She is an active member of professional organizations like IEEE, MySET, MBoT, and IET.

Reflecting on her experience at AU, Dr. Rosilah said, “Participating in Ajman University's Inbound Faculty Exchange Program has been a delightful experience for me. The program provided me with fresh insights and the opportunity to interact with students and gain valuable teaching experience. The working environment at Ajman University, alongside remarkable colleagues, has been enjoyable and conducive to collaboration. Being able to immerse myself in the culture and customs of the UAE, also aided my personal and professional growth.”

She expressed gratitude for the chance to connect and work with like-minded lecturers, researchers, students, and staff. “The exchange facilitated knowledge sharing, collaboration on new ideas and projects, and the development of valuable skills. I extend my sincere appreciation to Ajman University for this remarkable opportunity,” added Dr. Rosilah.

Her collaboration with the team at Ajman University’s Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC) resulted in her being able to submit four papers in Scopus high index journals and two papers in WoS journals during her Inbound Faculty Exchange Program. Dr Rosilah was invited by AUIC as a mentor because of her extensive experience as a Deputy Director in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and her commendable track record as a mentor. She has also applied for two grants from UKM along with the AIRC team, submitted two proposals for internal grants (AU), and was involved in the supervision of two PhD students from UKM alongside Prof. Mohammed Al Betar from AU.

Dr. Rosilah’s participation in AU’s Inbound Faculty Exchange Program has boosted collaboration between UKM and AU in the field of research, and opened up opportunities for mobility between the two universities. Dr. Rosilah was also provided the opportunity to present the results of her research work twice in a session arranged by the Head of the IT Department, which she termed as a‘memorable experience’.