Pre-Arrival Information & Student Resources

University Name

Ajman University (AU)

AU Website

Office of International Academic Affairs (OIAA) Website


University Street, Jurf 1 Ajman , UAE

Contact Person

Hanine Bou Antoun


Tel: +97167056681

Rozana Aleikish

Admin Coordinator

Tel: +97167056613

Office email:

Semester Dates

Fall: From August to December

Spring: From January to May

Language of Instruction

English is required for all colleges except:

The Colleges of Mass Communication, College of law, and College of Humanities and Sciences which offer courses in Arabic.

Credit system

Semester Credit Hours

Duration of Exchange

One semester OR one academic year

Minimum GPA

(4.0 scale) & English requirements

We trust that the home institution will nominate students for the exchange program with suitable GPA and language abilities.

AU has Student Exchange Agreements with 30+ institutions all around the world including Europe, Asia, and North America. Students from these institutions may apply for the Student Exchange Program at AU and benefit from the 100% tuition fee waiver and enroll at AU as an exchange student. At the beginning of each semester, AU sends a ‘Call for Nomination’ to its partner universities through which coordinators of study abroad/international offices may nominate students for the upcoming semesters.

To be nominated, please reach out to the study abroad/international office at your home institution to be nominated. Once nominated and accepted, you will receive an email from AU confirming your nomination and instructions to proceed with the application. The confirmation email will be sent within 1-3 days from the date of nomination, with the exceptions of nominations made for 3+ students as availabilities in the respective colleges must be checked before confirmation.

The deadlines for nominations every year are as follows:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

January 1 – April 20

July 1 – October 20

1. Exchange Student Application:

The next step will be to submit your application here before the deadlines below:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

20 May

20 November

Required documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Photograph
  • High school certificate
  • University transcript
  • Learning Agreement
  • Vaccination Certificate

If there are any concerns with your application, we will be in contact to follow up. Otherwise, the application will be sent to the Office of Admission and Registration to enroll you at AU, and we will be in contact to proceed with the course selection process. A WhatsApp group will be created in which our coordinators will be present for any quick inquiries and assistance.

All attachments must be uploaded in JPEG format (please confirm clear and high resolutions).

  • Email – Please be sure to provide a valid email that you have access to. Your AU ID and password will be sent to the entered email.
  • Highschool certificate – If English certificates/translation is not available, certificates in foreign languages are acceptable. The name of the high school and the final score of the certificate which will be required in the Learning Agreement can suffice.
  • University Transcript – Must include the scores of all the courses completed at the home university.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (3-Doses) – All students must be fully vaccinated (2 dose + Booster) to join the campus. Exemptions are not available.
  • Photograph – As the photograph will be used for the Visa process, please make sure the submitted photograph follows the requirements.

2. Course selection:

After submitting your application (or earlier if your application documents will require a prolonged time to be ready), you must choose the courses to be taken at AU. The process will be as follows:

  1. Review the programs offered at AU here.
  2. Choose a program.
  3. Review the program details, structure, courses and their descriptions, and learning outcomes.
  4. Click on ‘Study Plan’ to review the arrangement of the courses over the academic year.
  5. Courses offered in Semesters 1,3,5,7 are for the Fall semester. Courses offered in Semesters 2,4,6,8 are for the Spring semester. These offerings are subject to changes.
  6. With the guidance of your exchange coordinator at your home university, choose a list of courses you would like to register for at AU and fill them out in the Learning Agreement.

Before signing the document, send it to us via email at or via the WhatsApp group created.

  1. We will check the availability of the requested courses with the colleges and share their feedback with you.
  2. According to the feedback, you may make the necessary changes to the Learning Agreement, sign it (by you and by the exchange coordinator at your home university) and send the final signed document to us at
  3. The document will be sent to the Office of Admission and Registration to make the necessary registration in courses.

3. Registration:

Once your documents have been accepted and your courses are registered successfully, your AU Student ID and password will be sent to the email you provided in your application. You can use the credentials to log into AU’s student portals.

1. Accommodation:

AU Dorms:

AU provide dormitory accommodation subject to availability for male and female students.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fully furnished rooms inclusive of appliances, water, and electricity
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Social and administrative supervision throughout the day
  • Shuttle buses to and from the university
  • Security services
  • Medical services
  • Group trips for shopping and activities
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Exercise facilities
  • Convenience store and restaurant
  • Study rooms
  • Appliances include: washing machine, micro-wave, fridge, oven, sink.

Check the brochure for more details about our services here. The hostel fees on the following page are based on and calculated per student and per semester. For the latest rooms and fees, click here.

To reserve your room, please follow the following steps:

  • Review rules of occupancy: Male Students, Female Students, and read the reservation and cancellation regulations specified in the Hostel Reservation Form: Male Students, Female Students
  • Submit accommodation Reservation e-Request online through the R.S site. E-request steps here. Documents required:
    • Vaccination certificate
    • Copy of passport
    • Health insurance
  • Pay a refundable deposit of AED1000 via the following link: In the purpose, type: ‘Housing deposit’
  • For maintenance, submit an E-requests on ORS: Hostel -> Maintenance request

Off-Campus accommodation:

Students may browse through accommodation options for affordable rent via or Luxurious hotel options with scenic views and beach access:

A discounted price can also be arranged for our students at the following hotels:

2. Entry Visa

To enter the UAE, you will need an Entry Visa issued prior to your travel and presented at the airport upon arrival. The process will be as follows:

  1. To initiate the process, please inform us of your expected date of arrival to the UAE 3 weeks in advance (minor changes are acceptable) and we will submit the request for the Entry Visa 2-3 weeks prior to the date of arrival.
  2. It takes 1-2 weeks for the Entry Visa to be issued, with the exception for any delays caused by governmental requirements or restrictions.
  3. Once issued, we will send the Entry Visa to you via email.
  4. The Entry Visa is valid for 60 days from the issuance date. You must enter the UAE before the duration is over, otherwise, a new Entry Visa must be issued.
  5. Print a copy of the document to be taken on your travel day.
  6. The fee for the Entry Visa is AED 225, to be paid after arrival along with the additional fees for the Student Visa process, explained in a later section.

3. Vaccination Approval:

Prior to your arrival in the UAE, you must complete the following two procedures required for the vaccination approval:

ICA Vaccination Approval:

  1. Open:
  2. Choose ‘Outside UAE’
  3. Fill in your information. For the following fields, please be sure to type the following:
  1. Uploading the vaccination is mandatory.
  2. Uploading the PCR test result is optional.
  3. All attachments must be JPEG or PNG images.
  4. Submit

AU Vaccination Approval:

  1. Visit the ORS:
  2. Log in with your AU student ID and password
  3. Click 'Log in'
  4. Click 'E-requests' in the top-left side
  5. Click 'COVID-19 Vaccine Disclosure'
  6. Fill out the form as required
  7. In comments (if available) type: “International Exchange Student – No AlHosn”
  8. Attach the vaccination certificate (which includes the QR code)
  9. In the Emirates ID field, enter 7 Zeros (0000000)
  10. Submit
  11. You will receive a response (Approval/Rejection) within 1 working day on your AU email. 
  12. Take a screenshot of the response and share it with us via WhatsApp. If rejected, we will help you resolve the issue. If approved, you're good to go!

4. Insurance

Health insurance (covering COVID-19) is mandatory for all students residing in AU dorms. Insurance must be submitted upon arrival to the dorms.  For students residing independently, health insurance is advisable. Students are free to purchase their own choice of insurance as AU doesn’t offer insurance packages.

5. Expenses:

As you prepare for your journey abroad, the following estimations of the expected expenses may come in handy:


Average AED 1,500 per month


  • Shuttle buses from the dorms to the campus and back are free of charge.
  • Students living off-campus can use AU transportation. More details on the prices here.
  • More details on transportation is available in the ‘Life in UAE’ section.

Student Visa

AED 1,052


Varies by choice. Details mentioned above.

If staying at AU’s dorms or off-campus, be sure to bring along your necessities (bed covers, pillow, soap, cookware, etc.)

For AU dorms, you can pay the full amount upon arrival or by monthly instalment plans.​

1. Travel & Arrival:

We advise booking your flight to arrive at Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Sharjah Airport for easier entry regulations. We don’t advise to book your flight to arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport as it follows strict and changing regulations related to arrival and quarantine. Be sure to check for the latest travel guidelines with your travel agency and airline. For your flight, be sure to have a copy of your Entry Visa on hand to present when requested.

A UAE-issued negative PCR test result is required for entry to the campus and dorms. Upon arrival, you may be requested by the authorities to conduct a PCR test at the airport (free of charge). But just in case you are not requested to test at the airport, please be sure to have a PCR appointment scheduled at AU’s testing center. To do so, see the steps below:

  1. Log-in to ORS
  2. Click ‘PCR test and Vaccination services booking’
  3. Choose ‘PCR Test’
  4. Select a suitable date and time. Please consider the 24-32 hours needed for the result to be sent. If staying at the dorms, you need to get tested at the first appointment after your arrival.
  5. In the Emirates ID field, type in 7 Zeros ‘0000000’
  6. Use your AU email to book
  7. In the Mobile number field, type in your home country’s mobile. But when you arrive for the testing appointment, you will be asked for the number again. At that time, provide your UAE mobile number to receive the result on it.
  8. Click ‘Book Appointment’
  9. You will receive a booking confirmation on your used AU email

Be sure to make the booking at least 1 week prior to your arrival to ensure a spot. You can download the PDF of your test result at AU’s PCR testing via the following link:

If you get tested upon your arrival to the airport and you receive the result before the time of your AU appointment, you should cancel your scheduled appointment via the link provided in the confirmation email.

2. Arrival at the UAE

At the airport, be sure collect a SIM card from one of the telecommunication booths (Etisalat or Du) as a UAE SIM card is required for the Student Visa process. Data package deals are available for students and tourists.

Free Wi-Fi is available at the airport; you can connect and contact your family and friends.

Transportation and airport taxis are available at the airport. You may share the following locations with the driver to reach AU’s campus or dorms:

  • AU Campus:

University Street,Al jerf 1 – Ajman:

  • AU Female dorms:

Inside AU’s campus, University Street,Al jerf 1 – Ajman:

  • AU Male dorms:

CG57+FPQ - Al Hamidiya 1 – Ajman:

3. Arrival at AU Dorms

Upon your arrival to the dorms, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Present the PCR test result from your home country
  2. Present your health insurance
  3. Self-isolate in your room until:
    1. Your airport PCR result is received
    2. Your AU PCR test result is received
  4. Visit front desk when operational to know more about your stay and for any help related to dorms, fees, deposit, etc.

4. Access to the campus

To be able to access the campus, you must have a valid QR code which is scanned at all entrances. To generate a QR code follow the stops below:

  1. Log-in to ORS
  2. E-requests
  3. ‘COVID-19 Test result’
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Upload the attachment of your result and submit
  6. Once approved, you will receive an email with the QR code on your AU email
  7. Save a copy of the QR code and present it for entry to AU campus buildings
  8. The QR code is valid for 14 days only. You must make the necessary reservation to make sure you always have a valid QR code

5. Student Visa

After arrival to the UAE, the process for obtaining the Student Visa (which will last the student until the end of their exchange semester) is as follows. Kindly note that the process below must be completed within 60 days from the date of arrival to the UAE. Fines are applicable for any delay.

  1. 1-2 days after arrival, the student must visit the 'Office of Community Engagement' located on the 1stfloor, Student Hub Building, inside AU's campus and submit an envelope that includes the following material:
    1. Write on the envelope: Name, AU Student ID, UAE mobile number, amount of cash inside the envelope
    2. Original passport
  • 2 photographs (white background)
  1. AED 1,052 Full Student Visa fee: (225 entry visa, 160 Emirates ID, 285 Medical test, 262 Residency, 120 Cancellation)
  1. Within 2 working days (if there are no issues with the submitted material), the student will be contacted by us to visit the office again and take the papers required for his/her medical test. The testing location is:
  2. After completing the test, please inform us and we will follow up on the result.
  3. Within 1-2 working days, the result will be out and the student will be contacted by us to visit the office again and take the papers required for his/her fingerprint scan and passport. The location is:
  4. After completing the fingerprint scan, all the papers and the passport must be submitted to the office immediately.
  5. Within 5-7 days, the student will be contacted to pick up their passport which will now have the residency stamped on it.
  6. In accordance with the government operations, the student will receive an SMS on the registered UAE mobile number when the Emirates ID is ready for pick-up. The pick-up location (Ajman Post office) will be shared in the SMS.

Kindly note that you are not allowed to work in the UAE with a Student VISA, you will need to convert to a work VISA. To apply for 1-2 months internships (unpaid) please contact us at the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at

After the cancellation of your Visa (after the completion of your exchange semester), you must exit the UAE within 30 days from the date of cancellation.

Guidance & Support:

Peer leaders

They are students from AU who are assigned to students to assist you on your stay and help navigate your way around UAE & AU.

Peer Tutors

They are students from AU who are assigned by the Student Success Center to students to assist you in your academic work.

College Advisors

An instructor/advisor from the college is assigned to each student to help them in their academic work. You may meet with them to discuss your courses and any other academic matter.

Advising session – OIAA

You can schedule an advising session with the OIAA through the following link to discuss any questions or concerns:

International Students Information Session

Arranged by the OIAA for all inbound international students prior to their travel to the UAE. It gives an overview of the journey ahead and important topics to know before travelling. ​

Orientation Week

Arranged by AU’s student services for all AU students. Registration, admission, requirements, events, activities & useful resources are all discussed during the week-long event. ​

International Buddy Program

A ‘Buddy’ is assigned to assist and mentor the inbound international students during their time at AU. The Buddy will also join them in certain activities & events. ​

Student Life office

Ajman university provides countless activities, trips and clubs ensuring our students are able to enjoy their student to the utmost. Sports are taken seriously, and students are encouraged to participate in sporting events and competitions.

Student Success center

Our students are our priority. The Student Success Centre was established to help students in need of assistance or facing difficulties for any reason. The center is designed for early detection of academic and other challenges faced by some students and providing support to overcome those challenges. For more information, click here.

Student Counselling unit

The Student Counselling Unit is a service provided for students in order to provide emotional support in times of need. We aim to care for the student’s well-being in difficult times, to allow them to flourish and meet their full potential. For more information, click here.

Arabic Language sessions

Arabic language sessions for all international students free of charge. These sessions can be registered in via the Student Success Center

Career Services:

Helping students get ready for work life via workshops, internships and job placement programs. ​For more information, click here.

Access to the Campus:

All students, staff members, and campus visitors must be fully vaccinated and regularly tested for entry to the campus. Updates on the access requirements are regularly shared via AU communication channels (email, Instagram, etc.).

Students must abide by modest clothing on campus that covers the shoulders, belly and knees.

AU Facilities:

AU has several facilities around campus such as the following. Some facilities may be restricted due to pandemic regulations. For more information about AU’s campus click here, and explore the virtual campus tour here.

AU Student ID/Card:

AU offers the best discounts for their students, these are some of the places you have discounts in, only by your student id card: ​

Roxy Cinemas, Shoemart, Centrepoint, SHEIN, Kaya Clinic, Emirates, Novo Cinemas, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Lifestyle, Domino's Pizza, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Laguna Waterpark, Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman, Royal Star Dental Clinic, Hydro Water Sports, iSTYLE, Dial-A-Battery, Elle Spa, Gargash Auto, and others. ​For more details visit:

*Note: The student ID card is provided for students who enroll for more than 1 semester.


  1. AU bus transportation fee (in Ajman): ​
    • One-way daily: AED 25​
    • Monthly round-trip: AED 800​
    • Fall semester round-trip: AED 2,300​

For more info on transportation to other cities, click here.

  1. Ajman public transportation (in Ajman):​
    • Bus: ​
      • Using 'Masaar' bus card (AED 3 per trip)​
      • Without bus card (AED 5 per trip)​
      • 10-15 mins walking to and from nearest bus stops​
      • Not recommended as it could be over-crowded​
    • Taxi: AED 30-40 per trip (request via 600599997 or 'Route' app​
  2. Dubai Metro:
  3. Sharjah Transportation:
  4. Private transportation applications in all UAE cities:​ Careem, Uber

Useful Applications:

  • Ajman University​ - Connect, share, timetable & more
  • Visit Ajman​ - Guide to explore Ajman
  • BOTIM​ - Guide to exploring Ajman
  • Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
  • Masaar - Ajman transportation
  • Talabat - Food & Grocery Delivery
  • Zomato​ - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery

At the end of your journey at AU, we hope you had a wonderful experience and exciting adventures around UAE. Before your return home, you must follow the following steps towards receiving your official transcript.

Visa Cancellation & Clearance:

  1. Share with us your date of departure as the Student Visa must be cancelled before your travel. Once cancelled, you must exit the UAE within 30 days.
  2. Submit a clearance request as follows:
    1. Log in via ORS (
    2. E-requests-> registration-> Clearance –Withdrawn Request
    3. Fill out and submit the request
  3. Once you submit the request, please inform us.
  4. If there are any pending issues, you will receive an email with comments to take action. Your request could be put on hold for any of the reasons below:
    1. Uncancelled Visa
    2. Unreturned books to the library
    3. Unpaid accommodation fees
  5. After you receive the approval email, please share it with us and we will issue the transcript accordingly.


We would love to hear your thoughts about your experience at AU. It will help us improve and provide enhanced opportunities for the future. You can submit your testimonial by clicking here.

Testimonials are often posted on the OIAA’s website, but to do so, we would greatly appreciate it if you can confirm your consent by reviewing and signing either one of the following documents:

The posted testimonial will include your name and university as well as a profile picture. You can send us the signed consent form and picture at