OIAA welcomes you to Ajman University! To join us, there are four simple steps to follow:



Apply at your home university to get nominated for the exchange program at Ajman University. Already nominated? Congratulations!



Fill out the application form with the required documents. Remember to double-check all the requirements.

Ajman University PR office will provide you with assistance in getting the student’s visa. All the instructions and requirements are mentioned in the application form.


Learning Agreement

A learning agreement must be concluded by you, your home university and AU. Download it from here. This agreement should include all the courses you plan on studying at AU.

After all the parties have signed the learning agreement, send it to us on



If there are no further queries, we will send you an acceptance letter. Further information about your upcoming exchange study will also be included for your reference.


Reach out to us anytime at for advising or any inquiries.